Wish you could snap your fingers and have somebody else do the annoying part of property management? There is an app for that

Any property manager with experience knows that a lead is not really a lead until they have been shown the vacant property and are still interested in moving in. The problem is that getting to that point is a real pain. Answering potential renters' inquiries is a time consuming process that leads to stress, frustration, lost income and unwanted expense. because the process is so inefficient ...but there is a better way!

Property managers have a long history of working hand-in-hand with real estate agents to match renters with the ideal residence. Real estate tech has come so far from the days of manually scheduling showings and waiting around for the renters to show up late, often not at all.

The right technology can bring that offline relationship into the 21st century by streamlining the process of getting renters vetted and into the location that interests them.Now, with a tap of a mobile screen the potential renter and a nearby real estate agent can coordinate a showing through the TourNow app.

TourNow is a mobile app that makes showing a vacant home as easy and immediate as hailing a ride. Select the property on screen, request a tour and a nearby, licensed agent takes the assignment and shows the property. The app is so easy to use that it’s true value might not be immediately apparent, so here’s the upshot: Everybody wins!

Renters love the TourNow app because it works for them whether they are walking down the street, in front of their dream home or if they are forty minutes away by bus.

Real estate agents love the app because they gain access to high quality leads with location tracking to discourage no-show appointments and they are rewarded for showing properties in what would otherwise be down time.

Property managers love using TourNow for it’s network of licensed agents functioning as an on-demand, zero-overhead workforce. TourNow agents can easily handle all renter requests, maximize showings per property and deliver the fastest turnaround on their vacant rentals.

Technology continues to improve and evolve and as it does, the TourNow app will grow and evolve with it. We are proud to be a Florida-based company working together with property managers, real estate agents, and renters to anticipate trends and bridge the communication gap in the real estate market.