JACKSONVILLE  - TourNow, an on-demand, property showing service based in Jacksonville, Florida, today announced the release of the TourNow mobile app. Residential property managers who use TourNow get a higher-quality lead and maximize their daily showings resulting in the best possible tenant in the shortest period of time.

Renters use TourNow to browse MLS listings, select a property and request an immediate tour. The app finds a registered agent who is near the location and available to show. They agree on a time to meet and can check each other's progress on the in-app map while traveling to the property. 

“Showing a property has always been a real bottleneck,” states founder and CEO Shankar Thayver.  “At the end of the day, no matter how many people want to see the home, there is only one listing agent. You want to service your clients and grow your business but instead you end up spending more time driving around. If you don’t show the property you wind up with a lot of missed opportunities. We developed TourNow so that any property can be shown, all day long, without hiring any additional staff.”

There are nearly one and a half million licensed Realtors in the United States who abide by the NAR Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice and they are all perfectly qualified to give a property tour.  All an agent needs to do is install the app and register to start receiving tour requests. Requests are assigned to agents based on how long it would take them to travel to the target location. 

"The more times per day we can show a property, the faster we can sign the lease," said Ryan Robbins, broker at Lifestyles Rental Services, a property management company in Jacksonville, Florida. "All my agents are registered on TourNow and we send a link for installing the app to every rental lead we get. We can accept a reasonable number of tours internally and outsource the rest!"

The TourNow app is now available to renters, licensed real estate agents and property management companies in the NE Florida area.


TourNow is an on-demand property showing service that provides renters with instant access to property listings and professional real estate agents from the convenience of their smartphones. The Jacksonville-based company was founded in 2017 by technology and real estate innovators and industry veterans. TourNow’s mission is to transform the experience of showing a property through technology that eliminates the sales cycle time, maximizes the potential appointments per day and reduces cost and overhead.