What's new?

We've released a set of new functions for viewing and working with tour requests. These functions enable you to work with tour requests more easily.

What's changing?

Home Screen Tab System

We've grouped all the new tour request functions together in the “Tours” tab.
This means we had to redesign the home screen around a simple tab system.

The “Tours” Tab

This works like a combination dashboard and timeline where you can review all your tour requests in one place including:

Active Tours

If you are currently engaged in a tour, it’s active and pinned right at the top of the tab.

Pending Tours

Tour requests that are still waiting for a response are here and you should visit them often.

Tour History

Keep your past accomplishments organized here while you live in the future.

We’re proud to offer you these new enhancements, most of which are the result of user feedback. Please enjoy responsibly!

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