Help Center

How do I make myself available to show properties in TourNow?
Make sure you have “Available to TourNow” set to YES in the app. That is it.
How much does TourNow cost?
TourNow is a free platform. There is No charge.
When will I receive a tour request?
You will receive a tour request when a potential renter has requested a tour and you are near the property and you have marked yourself “Available to TourNow”
Why do I have to share my location with TourNow?
TourNow needs to know your location, to locate agents close to you, so that they can be there in just a few minutes to tour the property. This means you waste no time in touring a property. We also need the location to calculate the distance to the property and find you other relevant properties that may interest you.
How do I become a showing agent?
Agents must have a Florida realtor license and be a member of MLS. Once you sign up, the license will be verified against the state license database and with the local MLS for membership.
Do I need to change my Brokerage?
No. You will continue to work for the same broker. TourNow is not a registered broker.
How does the TourNow app route the lead?
TourNow app uses a complex formula involving your location, property location, location of the tenant, traffic pattern etc.
What happens after I confirm the Tour?
To make it easy TourNow shows the showing instructions in the property details. Make sure the house is vacant and can be shown in short notice before confirming the appointment. We strongly recommend you log into your MLS and confirm the showing instructions.
How do I get my commission/referral fee?
You will get our commission the same way you do today. Once the lead signs a lease and drops the deposit, the listing broker will cut a check to your broker.
Is there a limit on home many leads I get?
No limit.