Why is location sharing important for TourNow?

TourNow uses location data to connect the nearest available agent with a prospective renter. TourNow also uses your location to calculate the distance to the property and find you other relevant properties that may interest you.

This means you waste no time in touring a property. TourNow respects your privacy and will not share your location data with any third party.

For Renters

After you have confirmed the tour request, TourNow will use location data to provide up-to-date information on the map. Once a property tour has ended or has been canceled, your location is no longer shared with TourNow.

For Real Estate Agents

TourNow will continue to use your location to send new tour requests when your‘Available to TourNow’ switch is set to ‘YES’.

TourNow will not access your location when your  ‘Available to TourNow’ switch is set to ‘NO’ That also means you will not receive new tour requests.

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